Teaching: Dynamic Products

I launched a new workshop today called 'Dynamic Products'. A lot went into making this course and I had a lot of fun doing it. I also lucked out with GarageFarm.net who offered to sponsor the farm time needed to create the rendered material in the promo.

I always try to learn something new with each project. So, even though I will be teaching this class, I set out a few learning goals of my own. I have always wanted to learn some level of comp work, particularly node based compositing. For a small project like this, I could never afford to use NUKE but Fusion8 offers the same set of tools at 0$. I know the programs aren't exactly the same but you can't argue with free. I used Fusion8 for a lot of the comp work and AfterEffects for the other stuff I couldn't, or didn't have time to figure out. Fusion is a really powerful program and I hope I get more opportunity to use it. 

Check out the trailer for the class below: