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LearnSpace T.O.

Teaching has become a passion of mine. It is a process that I find incredibly rewarding and I will  always go the extra mile for any of my students. 

n 2016 I started teaching courses independently through Learn Space T.O. which is a school that I set up to offers courses focused towards industrial designers

LearnSpace T.O. students hard at work. 

LearnSpace T.O. students hard at work. 

Courses & Workshops

I am convinced that students need to learn extra skills outside of school in order to stand out and compete in the job market. In my experience, the work that has come to me always involves skills that I went out of my way to acquire and I am always setting aside time to learn more. These classes started after teaching a summer class at Humber College in 2016. I taught 3D modeling with MODO which was a skill that I went out of my way to acquire which brought me a lot of opportunity as student and after I graduated and began to work on my own. 

Current Classes

Responding to the schedule of busy students this course packs a lot of material into college reading weeks. This class used to be an 8 week class that overlapped regular semesters and I found that by the end of the class, students could no longer keep up with their busy schedules.

This new two day workshop teaches students the basics of rigging a basic product and setting keyframes to make animations for exploded views, turn tables, and product featurettes.